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NODAC will be alongside you offering Tender Loving Care and holistic support at the end of life

Services and Support

NODAC is a registered C.I.C dedicated to improving end-of-life care services in Cornwall by providing trusted, loyal and compassionate care when it’s most needed.

End of Life Companionship

We offer comfort and support from the point of diagnosis through to keeping vigil in the last hours of life, and the days immediately after death

Tender Loving Care Retreats

We provide a retreat experience for anyone wishing to learn holistic ways to care for someone who is nearing the end of life

Workshops and Events

Classes & events related to living and dying well. Including dance & movement, holistic therapies & advance care planning

The Community Hub

Enriching and inspiring ways to stay connected and support one another with opportunities to vigil alongside people in need of companionship


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Meet The Team

Anna Sadler

Founder and Director

Liz Bateman

Founder and Director

Pete Shields

Founder and Trustee

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I felt held and heard. In a sped-up world of quick fixes and information overload, the planning with intention workshop is a way to slow down, look inward and explore what matters to us by reflecting on life and death.

B. Toft – Writer/Poet

Anna's vast and caring expertise guides me through to such deep relaxation that after every session I feel like I've been on a mini retreat. I can't thank Anna enough for the beautiful and nurturing TLC sessions and the peace and stillness they have provided me

L Palmer

Thank you, thank you, thank you Anna. You are a guiding Light - a bright star. Thank you for being with Keri today, you really helped ground her as she was feeling very upset about being medicalised and you brought her back to being human soulful and courageous

P Shields

News and Information

National Lottery Community Fund Award

National Lottery Community Fund Award

No One Dies Alone Cornwall is pleased to announce that they have been awarded £10,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund. This means NODAC can begin to support end-of-life care in and around Cornwall. The money will be used to help build...

Claire Winterton Pottery

Claire Winterton Pottery

A workshop with Claire Winterton Pottery was a great reminder of the therapeutic nature of clay. In particular handbuilding techniques and using the pottery wheel with earthenware clay. This inspirational visit set the cogs in motion for bringing...

Planning With Intention Taster Workshops

Planning With Intention Taster Workshops

August brought together poets, artists and musicians to explore ‘planning for the end of life by living meaningfully today’. The aim of the set of taster workshops was to create an ‘end of life’ journal using words, images, and intentions that...

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End of Life Companionship

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End Of Life Companionship

Tender Loving Care Retreats

Workshops & Events

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